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Monday, September 10, 2007


Here’s a good travel tip. Don’t wait until the last minute to go over your travel documents.

We’re heading to Ireland and Scotland soon. Our travel documents came and I probably would have looked at the tickets to check the dates and times and then ignored everything else. And then there’s Rob…

There is the limit to the suitcase size and weight, but I knew that.
There’s a limit to the carryon size because of the motorcoach on the tour. That was news to me, and the tour company sent along a carryon for each of us at the size they allow. There would have been no room for my wheeled carryon. Then what?
There’s also info on phone cards and/or global cell phones. Better to pick these up in advance.
There’s info on early check-ins and other ways to make the trip easier.
There’s info and vouchers for transportation from the airport to our hotel.
There’s the travel protection plan we purchased. It’s good to review what that covers as well. By the way, travel insurance is a very important part of your travel planning. For more info go to my TATravel Agency.

We also received a travel guide with info about the countries we will see. Checklists. Temperatures, clothing suggestions, money information, postal information, etc. All of these things will help us pack more efficiently—a good way to avoid aggravation later.

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