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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This looked like such fun, I thought I'd try it! PLEASE comment and tell me what you think and how it worked for you. Make sure your sound is on. When you move your mouse, the captions appear.

We're always looking at amazing natural things living here in Warwick. I didn't even know these garter snakes could swim! This time they don't seem to be going after our fish!

Living in the Country
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I never expected the response to this that I got. I will excerpt some of them for you.

"If I dreamof snakes tonight you are in trouble...I hate them... could have hit the computer with a shovel. must be because when I was 8 months pregnant I was picking up drops in the orchard and I picked up an apple with a big snake on it who wrapped around my arm and I stood there screaming...almost had the baby in the orchard... No more snakes. please.... thanks..."

"what a kick! i gather they were not poisonous??? did you get rid of them or are they still living with you?"

My reply: "Last year we found they ate our baby fish. Rob mothballed them, got snake repellent, and has been hacking them into bits (he hates snakes), but on the day we found these three, he had already killed four and I ran at least 2 more over with the tractor when I mowed. But these guys apparently had something else in mind as the fish did not seem disturbed by their presence--maybe the fish had gotten too big. But some little frogs in the pond left those lily pads for the depths very quickly. Hmmmmm"

"Are these your photos?" YUP

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