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About Wendy

I loved the idea of a Third Age—a time from about the age of 55 until, for whatever reason you run out of steam.  It’s a time of vitality, possibly retirement, post child-rearing , and maybe with some money to spend on YOU.

For us, my husband Rob and I, our Third Age meant travel, and during our first free autumn on an extended trip to California, our niece asked for recommendations for places to visit.  Newly arrived in California, work took up their time.  And so it began.

In a time before blogs, what followed was ten months of learning to design a  website, and then the inaugural ezine—Third Age Traveler.  When blogging became popular in 2006, it took little convincing to move to Blogspot and get going.

Along the way, Rob and I have done some awesome trips here and abroad.  Third Age Traveler has drawn worldwide readership and inspired my first travel book, See Sedona.   Some of my photos sold as well. Having moved to North Carolina from New York a year and a half ago, I have another book in the works targeting newcomers, permanent or transitory.

It’s true about that third age.  It’s dynamic and fun.  I know because I am living it!