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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For you traveling golfers out there, this is an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Universal Club makes an Adjustable Club—that is a full set of irons in ONE CLUB. The head ratchets and locks in to give the loft you desire. It’s pretty incredible! It even adjusts to a putter! But (to sound like Billy May) there’s more. This remarkable club can be ordered with a regular shaft OR a “traveling” shaft that collapses to fit in your luggage!

Worried about not having a driver or a wood? Universal makes these with a collapsible shaft. You need to explore the site to look at the possibilities.

This is also a COMPANY we recommend because of the way they treat their customers. We ordered the Universal Club for Michael to take with him to Iraq. We made a mistake and did not order the travel (collapsible) shaft. Rob emailed the company. They took back the incorrect club, replaced it with the collapsible club BUT DID NOT CHARGE US THE DIFFERENCE IN PRICE. They also included a special head cover—one Michael mentioned when he told us he received the club (and we hadn’t told him the story yet). They give special attention to the military. I am including an excerpt from their email to us.

We are a small company and it is just a small way of us saying thank you to them. I hope that your son enjoys his club and if he has any questions he is more then welcome to call us toll free 1-866-740-5156 or email me direct It was my pleasure to be able to help out in a small way. You must be very proud of your son. Please tell him Thank You from us here at Univiversal Golf Club.

I am adding a permanent link to the site on Third Age Traveler under “Sites You Don’t Want to Miss.” Look into this club!

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