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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Third Age Traveler was contacted by Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. If you’re not familiar with the show, find some time to watch it. Bizarre Foods is fascinating. Zimmern travels the globe sampling the weirdest foods imaginable. It may look like offal to me, but it is the cuisine of other cultures, and the intrepid Zimmern is fair in his evaluations. The show opens a window through which most of us will never peek on our own, and it is one of our favorite shows on The Travel Channel.

After the initial contact, I received a very intriguing package in the mail with some very interesting contents: an autographed photo of Andrew Zimmern which I share with you (only heaven knows what he is ladling out for us to see), a DVD of Bizarre Foods episodes (which we will definitely enjoy), and TWO BOXES OF FLAVORED, EDIBLE CRICKETS! Salt & Vinegar and Bacon & Cheese Yummy!!!??????

Not to keep this delicacy to ourselves, I took them to our Thursday night spot, The Landmark Inn, and over drinks, I offered them to our friends. I had two takers for the crickets and a camera to catch their reactions. Neither Rob nor Beth blinked an eye as they popped crickets into their mouths. Mike and Mary demurred. I, after all, was the photographer chronicling this extraordinary event. ;-) ;-) ;-)

Unanimously Rob and Beth declared the crickets tasted a lot like peanuts. Beth used the adjective “rancid.”

I didn't offer samples to anyone else in the Landmark, but I intend to continue to make them available as long as they last. I'll bring you the results of this taste test. Meanwhile, give Andrew Zimmern a chance. Try it; you'll like it. BTW, if you're interested in participating in this taste test, I'd be happy to try to arrange a meeting.

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