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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Rob and I loved our day at Epcot. But I must add that a day at Epcot is not complete without staying for the last show of the day, Illuminations: Reflections of the Earth.

I've got to write about Illuminations separately because Rob and I never have witnessed anything like it. If you know Rob, you know that fireworks is his thing, but to call Illuminations: Reflections of the Earth fireworks is to sell it short!

We'd made reservations for dinner at the Rose & Crown at the United Kingdom in Epcot's World Showcases. It's the only restaurant fronting on the lagoon, and we wanted good seats for this culmination of our day.

At precisely 9:00 P.M., our restaurant seats morph into Broadway House Seats. The show begins.

Accompanied by beautiful music, sparkling, exploding fireworks emanate from different sites around the lagoon and of all colors, but particularly white, light up the skies. Meanwhile, from the middle of the lagoon, huge explosions and fireballs burst out of the night, adding feelings of power and grandeur. Then, moving slowly toward the middle of the lagoon, a huge globe, its continents cut out and twinkling with the greens of the earth and blues of the seas takes center stage. In the middle of the light in the middle of the night there is the earth, lighted and shining amid the continuing fireworks bursts. Around the perimeter of the lagoon, the shapes of the various buildings representing different countries in their individual shapes and personalities appear outlined in white light--pagodas, temples, Moor-inspired roof lines, Tyrolean inns and other shapes from around the world surround the darkened waters as the central fireworks continue. It is spectacular. It is fantastic. It is creation anew--the earth in all its glory and its diversity and individuality. Not quite spiritual, but definitely awesome!

Then, as we watch the lights and listen to the music, the globe changes. Individual portraits of famous people and group portraits of people dressed in native attire from individual countries on those continents appear, and as the globe revolves, the pictures change, and the earth evolves. As the show ends with more lights and sizzle, the globe opens, changing into a shape with petals--like a flower opening to display its beauty. That is our world. That is its potential. What an ending!

The creative geniuses of Disney are called Imagineers. There's no doubt in my mind that this appellation is totally appropriate.

Imagine the size of that globe. People on shore can see it clearly. Imagine the quality of the music. People on shore can hear it clearly. Imagine the vividness of the colors. They pierce the darkness of the night and sparkle and shine with incredible brightness and clarity. Illuminations is unbelievable! It is worth, in itself, a trip to Epcot. Never did we expect the finale to our day that Disney bestowed upon us. It was the best!

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