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Friday, April 11, 2008


I’m recommending your visiting an online map and travel guide which I’ve used to great advantage—Schmapp. Not because they’ve published Rob’s penguin photos in their Edinburgh edition nor because a shot I took of the Cloisters in NYC is under consideration for its U.S. East Coast edition but because we used Schmap’s list of attractions to narrow down to do-able the endless array of Las Vegas possibilities. They did right by us, and I’m going to them again for some San Francisco possibilities.

What I like about Schmap is its succinct clarity as well as the ability to be selective in printouts of information to add to my “Trip Envelope.” No bulky guidebook (sometimes) or unnecessary pages to add weight to my luggage, purse or backpack.

It’s not my only resource, of course, but it’s certainly one more to consider when making our trips as satisfying as we can.
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