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Monday, January 14, 2008


Hank’s Smokehouse and Southern Grillery
49 Bloomer Springs Road
McGaheysville, VA 22840
(540) 289-7667

Our two visits to Hank’s Smokehouse in McGaheysville while we were staying in Massanutten, Virginia are really visits numbers four and five. Robyn and Neal stumbled upon this hidden treasure of a restaurant when they stayed at Massanutten and practically insisted that we go there for the best ribs imaginable. You know that Rob and I are rib fans, and you know that we hunt out the rib places every time we head south. On rare occasions we are able to get past the rib section on the menu and try other possibilities, and we have done that at Hank’s. It’s almost impossible to say what is the most mouth-watering, most tempting, most delicious and most unforgettable offering because everything at Hank’s is about as good as it gets.

You just have to go to Hank’s website! There are photos there that stimulate your salivary glands. They’re not touched up at all. That’s how good everything really looks.

Hank’s has a very unpretentious exterior—a cabin look. Inside there’s a bar and then a big dining room. Lots of wood and no fancy decorations, just a lot of room to accommodate a lot of hungry diners.

Almost as soon as we were seated, a basket of hot, delicious, freshly baked bread is brought to the table. Be careful to pace yourself; that’s only the beginning.

The first night, all four of us actually resisted the ribs in favor of the All You Can Eat BBQ Special. I know that sounds devilishly tempting, but at $13.95 it was irresistible: Hank’s original pork BBQ or Texas style beef barbecue served with cole slaw and a side. We all chose the pork BBQ, and no one was sorry! Two of us had red skinned mashed potatoes, one chose macaroni and cheese, and one chose Colorado baked beans. Everything was beyond great.

One night Hank had a Prime Rib special, and we went back for that. BUT even the lure of this lovely cut and the lovely price that accompanied it seemed weak next to the lure of those ribs. Rob and I had Hank’s ribs twice before, and heading back home without sinking our teeth into them seemed like a bad idea.

As we were two couples, we placed two orders of Ribs for Two—wet ribs (finished with a brushing of Hank’s Whiskey Barbecue Sauce which you can buy online) served with cole slaw, two sides and two house salads for $32.00. See why we couldn’t resist?

Desserts are homemade at Hank’s, but there just has never been room. Sorry I can’t report on them.

If you had been there with us on these two nights and tasted Hank’s Smokehouse at its best, you would know why Rob and I have taken advantage of Hank’s on trips up and down Rt. 81 if the time is right. If you drive down that way, get off in Harrisonburg, and make a beeline for Hank’s. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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