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Saturday, October 27, 2007


I write these tips fresh from not taking my own advice about looking ALWAYS for non-stop flights.

On this trip we opted for the convenience of Newark Airport over Kennedy Airport which gave us a layover at Heathrow in London. AVOID this scenario. Heathrow is spread out in what appears to be a series of Quonset huts. You walk a zillion miles to the bus that takes you to the terminal, but first you have to go through security again—because you’re leaving your original terminal. Then you walk again and stand in line until you get to your departure terminal. Our travel papers suggested 70 minutes to get from arrival to departure. We barely made it. Others joining our tour in Dublin missed their connecting flight and were lucky to catch up at all.

We did not have to re-do security on the way back from Edinburgh, but we did have all the walking to do. Try wearing hiking shoes, because the distance is extreme. Better yet, avoid Heathrow if you can.

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