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Thursday, April 05, 2018


Rafting on the Snake River

Tauck Tours really knows how to arrange a grand finale, and that’s exactly what happened.  We stayed in the Jackson Lake Lodge in a beautiful room looking out over the flats to the Tetons.  The view was inspiring and magnificent.  We’d heard, however, that there is nothing compared to watching the sun come up.

I’m not a sunrise person.  But what choice did I have? This was my one chance, and I was not going to blow it!  We stood on the deck at the back of the hotel, coffee in hand, quietly waiting.

The sun, rising from the east, is behind us, not behind the Tetons which we face.  We cannot see the sun.  As it rises, it slowly sends its rays toward the mountains in front of us, gradually, hitting the peaks first, spreading downward, crossing the valley and eventually to where we stand, a slow, beautiful turning of the earth to coral and pink and then lighting the awakening world. 

At the beginning there is just the sun's pink coloring behind the mountains
As the sun ascends, the mountains capture the pinks and corals of day, and the light
spreads across the dark valley bringing color to it as well.
I’ve never seen anything so magnificent.  The experience makes us feel very happy to be up and alive and able to enjoy the glorious morning.

Not to be outdone, the Snake River offered up its view of the Tetons as we went rafting later the same morning.  Our guide told us stories, pointed out the importance of sights along the river, and answered a myriad of questions as we all tried to get answers before leaving for home.

Notice how those same peaks are always with us.  Just glorious.

The afternoon was ours to enjoy independently, and Rob and I took the Lunch Tree Hill Loop Trail beginning behind the Jackson Lake Lodge and rising up to a ridge overlooking the valley. 

The top became a favorite of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. who visited it in 1926.  The view is splendid.  The site serene

We're actually on a hilltop, high above the Lodge.  Magnificent.
Don't see views like this one in the East.

Interesting history.  Can you imagine being out here as a trapper?

Here's another view from the top of the trail.
You can see the roof of the Lodge off to the left.

That evening we had a farewell dinner for our small group, and we sang “Happy Trails to You” to our friends from Great Britain.  You remember the one who, as a boy, went to the Roy Rogers Riding Club every Saturday morning to watch the TV show.  It was a beautiful ending to this trip.

I add that we’ve booked another Tauck Tour—The Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park. 

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