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Friday, October 19, 2012


I’ve finally put the adventures I've shared writing Third Age Traveler into a different kind of travel guide.  See Sedona was published in September.  It is more than a guide; it is also a memory book with histories, descriptions, and photographs of the places I visited and enjoyed.  Use it in Sedona, and it will keep you busy for a week or more in one of the beautiful destinations of our country.

I’m hoping you’ll choose to read it, that you’ll enjoy it, and that you’ll let me know what you think.

I've learned a lot about today’s publishing industry.  I could not do in an ebook what I could do in a print book, so you will find the paperback fuller with more photos and a different layout.  I wanted it "carry-able" yet complete.

The ebook has fewer photos and a different layout.  But it, too, is "carry-able" and full. 

The print version of See Sedona is out there on and  It is also available on

E books are a bit more complicated. 

The Kindle ebook is also available on Amazon.  The regular Kindle is black and white, but the Fire is in color.  Kindle also offers a downloadable program so you can read your book on your computer.  That, too, will work in color.  (See what I mean about complicated?)

If you use Nook or any other kind of e-reader or if you want to see that version on your computer via html or pdf, those versions are available at

Of course I also have a link right here on Third Age Traveler .  

See what I mean?  Complicated.  But I wanted See Sedona to be available and carry-able for everyone.

I am really happy about See Sedona, and I hope you will be too.
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