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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


On our Margaret Morse tour, the day in Jerusalem continues with a walk through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

Jewish Quarter

Renewal is the keyword here because work is going on everywhere.

Jewish Quarter

At Hurva Square we are dazzled by the Hurva Synagogue.

Hurva Synagogue

Work on the synagogue first began in 1700, but the building was destroyed by Muslims in 1721; the synagogue ruins (“hurva”) remained until it was rebuilt in 1864. It retained the name “Hurva.” The Hurva Synagogue was next destroyed by the Arabs in the 1948 war. Israel recaptured Jerusalem in 1967, and though numerous plans were conceived and debated, it wasn't finally rebuilt and reopened until March 15, 2010, an ironic date (the Ides of March) since it opened amidst Palestinian protests that it was Israel’s intent to destroy Muslim holy places on the Temple Mount. Can the irony of these specious claims be any more obvious?

Hurva Square is beautiful and white.

Hurva Square

Hurva square

We are lucky enough to catch a bar mitzvah procession and to hear the music and see the young man and his proud family. It’s so easy to smile.

Bar Mitzvah

On the streets are Arab peddlers selling magnificent looking breads and other baked goods.

delicious breads in Jerusalem's Arab quarter

delicious breads in Jerusalem's Arab quarter

We continued to walk through the narrow streets until we came to The Cardo, a busy and dimly lit enclosed avenue of shops really geared for Israel’s tourists. There were religious items for Jews and Christians, maps, artwork, and jewelry. It worked on me, and I left with a few goodies for myself and some friends.

the Cardo

On through the Arab market which was much more colorful with many clothing items hanging from ropes across open stalls.

The Cardo in Jerusalem

Arab bazaar in Jerusalem
the belly dancing ensembles were not quite for me

Arab bazaar in Jerusalem

The street consisted of steps. Vendors stood at the openings of their shops and tried to lure customers as people passed.

Arab bazaar in Jerusalem

Arab bazaar in Jerusalem

delicious breads in Jerusalem's Arab quarter

The market was teeming with people hurrying on their way, and it was an exciting walk as we hurried up to meet our bus trying not to lose sight of our guide, David, as he maneuvered through the crowds.

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