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Monday, March 29, 2010


Trust me, it’s not in my retirement schedule to be anywhere at 6:30 AM, but that is the time we reached College Fjord and the incredible sights awaiting us, so we were on the top deck, warmly dressed and ready. Did I say things could not get any better on the Alaska trip? It is time to get up close and personal with a glacier!!

Named College Fjord because the glaciers are named for colleges, we go up to the highest deck to see the Harvard Glacier. Once again we enter a strange, cold, and magnificently beautiful world. These huge masses of ice full of power and grace flow and create this great bay on which our cruise ship, The Coral Princess, is small and insignificant in size or strength. From our vantage point, we can actually observe the glacier calving. We are constantly reminded of Nature’s monumental power and beauty.

As we near the glacier, we see the colors in the ice and the dark lines of silt lifted from the earth and carried with the force of the glacier’s relentless movement. Even in this early morning light, nature is seen as unforgiving and harsh.

Try to see yourself there….

I share the misty pictures of one glacier from different distances. Rob and I stayed on that top deck until The Coral Princess sailed from Glacier Bay. Could it get better and more dramatic? We still had a visit to the Inner Passage to think about.

College Fjord
Harvard Glacier


College Fjord


College Fjord
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