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Thursday, December 03, 2009


We are lucky enough to be in Anchorage to see Wild Salmon on Parade. Really. Artists are invited to submit their salmon creations which decorate the streets and are auctioned off at the end of the season to raise money for a worthy cause. We use a map to find the best “fishing holes” around the city. It’s fun, imaginative, and a great money maker for good causes!

Every July and August, the salmon swim the streets of Anchorage. Visitors can get maps. Viewers go online and vote for their favorite. In September when live salmon reach their spawning grounds, these salmon end up at the Fish Fry and Buy dinner. There these beautiful creations are auctioned with the proceeds benefiting Camp Fire USA, Alaska Botanical Gardens, and the Anchorage Urban League. If Rob and I had the opportunity, we would be at this dinner.

Let me share the salmon we saw, but for a better view, visit the Wild Salmon on Parade website at . This was a lot of fun to admire, and if you have a chance to visit a city that does this (Olympia, WA 2001, Chicago 1999, Washington DC 2002), try to see them all.

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