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Friday, October 23, 2009


Alaskan humor is as rough and tumble as the state itself. We hit those gift shops in Anchorage, and we did a lot of chuckling. I guess you've got to find a way to keep jolly during those long, dark, cold, snowy Alaskan winters, and it appears that Alaskans like to play with words. Rob and I spent time laughing at the silliness, the raunchiness, and the way Alaskans have no problem with self-deprecating humor. Start with this riddle: What is the Alaskan State bird? Answer: The mosquito.

Whether we're looking at the name of a store or the merchandise for sale, nothing is sacred. Here's a partial sampling of some of the fun things we found in Anchorage. The joking didn’t end in Anchorage, and I’ll share some of the other funny stuff we saw as we traveled. Meanwhile, just enjoy these, and don’t be afraid to laugh!

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