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Saturday, February 28, 2009


586 N. Franklin Turnpike
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Believe in the bad economy? Not if you head to Kinchley’s in Ramsey, NJ on any night of the week for pizza or other Italian food. The place is mobbed. Every seat at the bar is filled; people are waiting for their take-out orders; tables are crammed with families or couples, and the noise level is high. The wait staff doesn’t walk in Kinchley’s; double-time is the name of the game. The flow is constant and it’s smooth. Kinchley’s has it down to a science, and diners are not disappointed in the food, the service, or the prices. No credit cards accepted here. Cash only.

Kinchley’s parking lot gives the secret out. It’s packed. The building itself is totally undistinguished. The interior is nothing to write home about, but for over 30 years, Kinchley’s has been a staple for the neighborhood. My 60+ year old friends made this the weekend hangout when they were in high school and swear it hasn’t changed much over the years. For those who have moved away, it’s a place you make sure you get to on a visit home.

Why? At Kinchley’s you will get the best thin crust pizza you can imagine. This is not your typical New York/New Jersey pizza. The crust is cracker thin, and the toppings are varied, generous and delicious. There’s a two-slice minimum, but this is not a two-slice place. The pizza is so light, you don’t fill up. One person can polish off a medium pie with ease. Rob and I, usually two slicers, split a large pie with sausage and peppers. Wonderful!

There’s no greasy, drippy cheese here. It pulls away in strands. If you fold your slice, you don’t have to worry about oil dripping out the end. It’s baked to perfection, and you leave wondering when you’ll have an opportunity to return.

Zagats has mentioned it, and Trip Advisor lists Kinchley’s as the #1 place in Ramsey! If you’re traveling up Rt. 17 and have a yearning for a real treat, make that right turn onto Franklin Turnpike and within minutes you’ll see Kinchley’s on the right. Pull in. Enjoy.

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