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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Believe it or not, this is an excellent time to travel because everyone wants your business. If you look carefully, you can snag some super deals. Here’s some things you might consider:

1. Think about the “shoulder season,” which runs from about April 15 through June 15. Prices are lower on flights and hotels, and crowds are smaller too. Choose a destination and check on the web to learn about the weather. Is it a rainy season? What are the temperatures? You can find some great tropical locations or you can hit Europe when airfares are often close to half price.

2. Think about Latin America where prices are favorable to Americans. Rob and I loved Costa Rica. We’re heading to Mexico for two weeks this winter. Try South America. Expedia reports that roundtrip airfares between the U.S. and Latin America average under $500 year round.

3. Make sure you sign up for where you will be notified of airfare specials from your area. If you are flexible, you can get a great deal on your vacation.

4. Look at for some good deals. Cruise lines, for instance, are offering all kinds of specials right now.

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