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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I’ve been using a great mapping program, This is the perfect traveling companion. It will give you directions—walking, taxi (including estimated cost), mass transit, etc.—when you fill in your starting point and destination.

If you choose the “itinerary” option filling in several locations, it will map them all for you and give you a map of the tour you’ve created. Additionally, you can look at your tour and find out other attractions, restaurants, etc. along the way! Fantastic.

There’s a feature to view "user suggested itineraries" as well as other tours. Today I found a list of prime viewer spots for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as an itinerary covering Museum Mile in NYC.

Not enough good news? You can use your cell phone or PDA to ask for and receive directions on the spot! Just look at the site and follow directions! (Ha Ha)

HopStop covers New York City, Boston, Chicago, the Metro North area (in Beta), New Jersey, Washington D.C., Long Island, and San Francisco. If you’re traveling to any of these cities, make sure you try HopStop and add the url to your favorites menu on your computer so you can come back time and again. It will make getting around so much easier--another way to make travel more enjoyable.

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