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Monday, March 31, 2008


I really thought I'd have a great Yankee baseball story for you. Great photos. Some talk about the Opening Day ceremonies at the last Opening Day EVER at the House That Ruth Built--that great old Yankee Stadium that NO FAN wants destroyed. We even had great seats!!!!!

IT RAINED. AND RAINED. And the game was called. Yes, it's going to be played tomorrow night, but it just isn't the same, and besides we cannot go.

Can't say we didn't try. We bucked the traffic going in--you can bet the game was sold out. Rob let us off in front of the stadium and tried to find parking--which he never did; because of all the construction at the new stadium, many lots are long gone. We just stood around inside--except Carol, the biggest Yankee baseball fan, who went to the rails and watched Joe Giradi kick the turf and shake his head--and waited with a sinking feeling for what we knew would be the inevitable announcement. Then cell phone contact with Rob who called from an intersection where he was blocked from driving past the stadium. Traffic was so heavy and moving so slowly, he was still quarter-inching his way through that intersection when we arrived, having walked the entire distance from 157th St. to 154th St. to meet him!

Oh, I forgot to say that Carol and I were interviewed for Fox News, and coincidentally Marianna was watching at 5:00 and saw me!!!! We were still working our way to Suffern at that time! Carol made it to, and we let the family know.

May not have been the best day, but it was a moment in time that will never come again. I am going to frame our tickets!
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