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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I like tweaking Third Age Traveler. In addition to the new look this month, I've added a new element to the sidebar. It's called LABELS. Scroll down and you'll see it below Links.

I've begun to categorize the articles so that you can access them easily.

Someone asked me about the area around Lenox, MA, and I wanted to recommend some places to see and some nice restaurants Rob and I enjoyed. With Labels, she can just click on the Massachusetts' link and/or the restaurant link, and she'll find places we've been. Someone wrote about Farmer's Market and the Grove in Los Angeles, asking if I'd been there, and I sent him the archived issue. With these catalogued links, I could have directed him to the California Labels' link for my impressions.

Seems like a good addition to the site. What do you think about cataloguing like this? Let me know. Thanks
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