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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BELLVALE FARMS CREAMERY--We all scream for ice cream!!

It’s summer; it’s hot; you’re dying for ice cream. The best spot is high atop Mt. Peter on Rt. 17A between Greenwood Lake and Warwick, New York. The place is the Bellvale Farms Creamery, where the most creamy, delicious ice cream is dished out to locals, hikers on the Appalachian Trail (crosses right there), visitors to Mt. Peter Hawk Watch, and commuters who find driving by difficult.

Just a bit of background. Bellvale Farms has been operating since 1819—seven generations of family farming—and still it is re-inventing itself to deal with a changing world. You’ve got to look at their website to understand how marvelous a place Bellvale Farms is. It’s a lot more than its wonderful ice cream.

But back to the ice cream. Atop Mt. Peter, you overlook the beautiful Warwick Valley, and it is a view that awes. Spring, Summer, and Fall and Winter (the Creamery is open until Christmas), you’re treated to the bounty of Nature no matter where your eyes gaze. Arrive as the sun is setting; you’ll be spellbound.

You’ll have to pick up a brochure to explain the great flavors, but I’ll share a few with you. The complete menu is on the website. The ice cream, by the way, is made daily.

Coconut: Coconut ice cream with chocolate-covered almonds (my fav)
After Dinner Mint: Mint ice cream, a hint of chocolate with chocolate-covered mint pieces
Calf Trax: Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirl and mini peanut butter cups
Maple Cinnamon: Maple cinnamon ice cream with a cinnamon caramel swirl

Need I go on?

If you feel guilty after the ice cream, you can purchase their fresh produce at the stand. You can also check the websites for events on the farm: Pumpkin Picking, Horse Drawn Carriage Rides, and even scheduled tours to see a working dairy farm in action. Believe me, Bellvale Farms Creamery is worth the trip!
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