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Friday, April 13, 2007


Max & Eddie’s Cucina
2441 Beach Ct.
West Palm Beach, FL
(561) 842-5200

Once again we lucked out, finding this wonderful local Zagat rated restaurant tucked away in a corner without flashy signs announcing its very formidable presence. We read about Max & Eddie's in one of the Palm Beach area brochures, but hadn't even noticed it as we drove by. We did check the restaurant online where it is labeled a “don't miss.” How right those reviewers are!

In the middle of the week Rob and I didn't think reservations are necessary, but we are wrong! Walking from Palm Beach Shores Resort, we find benches outside this lovely little bistro filled with waiting customers. We wait with some New Jersey vacationers, and have a nice conversation. Then we are in, and every table is filled.

Decor is not Max & Eddie's strong point, but the wooden lattice on the walls and the Florida and cooking-themed oil paintings do create an interesting ambiance. Faux tiffany lamps as well as candlelight do help to create an atmosphere, but believe me, this is a restaurant people go to for the food--and wine. In its Guide to the Best Wine Restaurants in the World, the prestigious Wine Spectator gives Max and Eddie's Cucina an Award of Excellence. That reward has been repeated for several years.

Dinners at Max and Eddie's are hearty, beautiful, and magnificently delicious. We begin with hot, fresh focaccia. A waiter grates fresh parmesan and mixes it with olive oil. That's our dip, and it is great--so different and so much better than the usual olive oil or olive oil with spices.

Next, the salad, a big fresh mixture of greens, red onions, and other goodies with just the right amount of house dressing. All this is topped with crumbled gorgonzola cheese. (Pam would love this!)

Our entrees are superb. Rob orders Veal Calabrese, lightly breaded scaloppini sautéed and topped with spinach, mushrooms and three Italian cheeses. It is accompanied by a combination of summer squash, zucchini, and a side dish of linguini with tomato sauce. The presentation is beautiful, and Rob loves it. The cheese combination makes the taste unique.

I order Veal Parmigiano, focaccia-crusted and topped with mozzarella and marinara. It is so tender, it does not require a knife. It is delicious and served with the squash medley and linguini.

Service is excellent too--friendly and efficient. We are not rushed, and it is a thoroughly pleasant meal. In fact, it is so nice that the following evening when my cousin Phyllis and Michael come to our suite, we order pizza from Max and Eddie’s. This sausage and pepper pizza is also excellent. We order that pizza 40 minutes before it was ready to be picked up.

Max and Eddie's knows how to do it all, and with very little advertising and long waits (although if we were to go again we'd know enough to make reservations). If you're anywhere in Palm Beach County when you're in Florida, Max and Eddie's Cucina on Singer Island is worth the trip.
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