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Friday, February 23, 2007


Going to Disneyland or Disneyworld? At Barnes & Noble there are shelves dedicated to How To. There are also online guides. One thing is certain--going without doing some research will result in aggravation and unnecessary cost. Disneyland/World is expensive and sometimes tricky to maneuver. Disney, creator of these magic lands, is also a creator of marketing magic! Here are a few “Wendy” tips:

Do some research! If you belong to AAA, a union, or any other organization, chances are there’s some deal with Disney. There are package offers as well, but remember that each is different.

Tickets take decision! Each Park is really two parks, and tickets can be for one or both. There are single-day tickets and multi-day tickets, but carefully check each combination for the one that best suits your time and pocketbook. The difference in price can be substantial. Rob and I bought our tickets online—3-day parkhopper (entry to both parks) tickets. The total savings for us by shopping online was $100.00! Additionally, the total difference between a 2-day and a 3-day pass was only $18.00. Caveat Emptor. (Buyer Beware)

Go in the off season. Californians think 60ยบ temperatures mean freezing; we wore shorts and golf shirts. VIRTUALLY NO LINES! Not for rides, shows, nor restaurants!

If you can’t go in the off season, use FAST PASS. Some of the more popular rides, to avoid longer lines, offer this service. Put your admission card in a machine and you receive a time to return window—more than an hour in case you’re involved with another ride. When you return, you go right through on the Fast Pass line. We did that once when I wanted to go on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters for a second time because Rob beat me so humiliatingly at astroblasting! I wanted a re-match. During the time before our Fast Pass window, we had R2D2 navigate us on a Space Tour. Impressive…Most Impressive.

Plan your time wisely. Disneyland and California Adventure are big places but not nearly so big as Disneyworld. We saw everything we wanted to see, but it took one entire day and evening and two more entire days, and we encountered no waiting lines. We averaged 7.5 miles per day. That does wear on the feet, and we were tired at the end of the day. (This is not just for adults; the kids peter out too. We saw lots of sleeping princesses) Had there been lines, we would not have had enough time. Nor did we go three days in a row; we did other things in between. There are wheel chairs, both manual and motorized, for rent, so don’t allow walking to prevent a visit.

Pick a park. We went to California Adventure on the first day thinking that since that was unavailable in Florida, we should see what we might miss elsewhere. We had an excellent time. BUT had we gone after Disneyland and our fun in the Magic Kingdom, California Adventure would have been tame and lame. NOTHING COMES CLOSE TO DISNEYLAND!

Let your imagination loose! Have a wonderful time.

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