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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Let me begin by saying each Time Share Resort is different. They’re built, owned and managed by different companies, and each offers an assortment of amenities and schedules. Everything I say here refers only to A Place at the Beach—Windy Hill. Online there are user reviews of each resort, and it’s a good idea to check them out. We went to Myrtle Beach on a Time Share exchange. I try to keep you informed about these time share trips because I think that for people with flexibility in traveling, this is an excellent way and comfortable way to vacation.

We are in a two bedroom unit in A Place at the Beach, Windy Hill. That’s actually in North Myrtle Beach. North Myrtle Beach has plenty to do, but it’s not as frenetic as Myrtle Beach. In October there’s not too much difference, but the difference must be huge during the summer. Reviews online for A Place at the Beach (henceforth APB) noted the unit was relatively small, and it is, but it’s fine for us. The suite, two bedrooms, two baths, a full and fully stocked kitchen, dinette, and living room with a convertible sofa and easy chair, balcony with table and chairs overlooking the ocean, and televisions in the master bedroom and living room. The balcony of every unit in APB is oceanview. With the convertible sofa, it is possible to have six people, but I think four adults is the maximum.

The suite is decorated in yellows, greens and blues with a seaside motif. It’s cheerful, colorful, and immaculately clean. I get a kick over the fabric on the couch and chair; it’s seaside pattern does highlight management’s attention to detail.

This is not one of the newer resorts here where everyday brings new construction, so APB is up against some stiff competition. RCI gives APB a “hospitality” rating, meaning that vacationers here rate the resort highly and that the management does a good job maintaining it and servicing the guests. We agree.

When we checked in, we received a warm greeting and lots of info and hints on how to get the most enjoyment from our stay. There was a discount card for local attractions. We also received an activities sheet for the week. Rob and I tend to skip planned activities. In addition to onsite activities, there are golf outings, and evening trips to shows and dinner theaters. So far, each time share we’ve visited has plans for its guests—if they wish.

As this is not a hotel and at this level in the RCI hierarchy, there is no daily maid service, but once during the week there is a linen/towel exchange. A “starter” kit is provided with soaps, toilet paper, paper towels, coffee filters, dish washer detergent, a scrubby, and garbage bags. There is plenty of anything we need to make the week comfortable, and more can be purchased at the front desk. As we are only two, what we are given suffices. We bought aluminum foil and use it for everything, and our quick trip to Food Lion sets us up for the week.

It takes no time to settle in and make APB our cozy home. In the suite there is a binder filled with pertinent information: entertainment opportunities, houses of worship, restaurants, etc. We’ve always found these books helpful.

We also have ID bracelets to use by the pool and Jacuzzi. The beach is practically at the back door, just over the bordering sand dune. No, it’s not luxurious. Nor is it on the RCI level of our own time shares. By the time we began searching for accommodations, the selections were limited, and there are people who would object to that. Our absolute requirement is a balcony overlooking the ocean where we can sit, watch the sun rise, listen to the surf, and cozily, comfortably, sip something liquid—coffee in the AM and then…. We would not hesitate to return, and we were very comfortable and “at home” at A Place at the Beach—Windy Hill.

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