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Monday, October 30, 2006

DAY 5 OCTOBER 25, 2006

Day 5 Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The temperatures dipped to 36˚ overnight, and the morning people walk the beach in ski parkas! We walk in knit pants and hoodies. We do our half hour and end up in a sweat—meaning perspiration. Rob begins picking up shells. Wonder what he has in mind. The walk is good. People greet us as we pass, and we stop so Rob and a stranger can discuss the nature and type of birds flying overhead although neither has his binoculars with him.

A lazy afternoon and then to The Melting Pot, the fondue restaurant we left on Monday evening. I will write this up separately because it is so excellent and so worth going back to when we have enough time. (2 ⅓ hours) It is also soooo different from La Buena Mesa, a restaurant in Gramercy Park we used to frequent in the 70s when fondue was very in.

Then on to another terrific show—Legends—where we are treated to five enthusiastic performances of star impersonators including an Elvis Presley who perspired profusely enough to toss out those famous, sweaty scarves. And the ladies loved getting them! In addition to Elvis, Rod Stewart—who looked and sounded so much like the real thing it was hard to tell the difference—did a “Maggie” that was absolutely first rate. Whitney Houston appeared, and a shimmering Donna Summer mesmerized us with “Last Dance” on heels so high it was hard to believe she could walk. Tom Jones, who couldn’t quite perspire enough to flick sweat off his face, could sing and gyrate in very familiar ways.

The accompanying band was great as were the “GoGo” dancers. Two big screens were filled with images displaying a mixture of the real star and the impersonator, in case the appreciative audience had any doubt (or was too young) about the talent of the performers.

Legends is thoroughly entertaining. There is a revolving list of stars, so the show, supposedly, is never the same.

Surprisingly, when we got home, we were too tired for the Jacuzzi. Too bad.

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