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Monday, September 25, 2006


795 Route 284, Westtown, New York 10998
(845) 726-3822

Interest after the our review of Gigi’s Folderol II, that gem of a restaurant tucked away in tiny Westtown, New York, lead us happily to bring four more friends, our dining-out buddies.

What an exquisite evening! Raves all around. To top it off, our waitress, Virginia, is also the owner, and we have a terrific conversation getting to the interesting history of Folderol and learning that the idea of six degrees of separation really works.

First we learn that Virginia lived in the same community in Greenwood Lake, Furnace Brook, as we did (only we lived there while Virginia was still in diapers and we've been gone for 26 years). The Warwick realtor who helped her find Folderol, Patty Brady, is the mother of my niece, Nicole’s, fiancĂ©, TJ Brady. Small world, isn’t it.

Back to Folderol. Virginia had a restaurant in Greenwood Lake, but she had to find a new location. She found a wonderful old home in Westtown. On a “reconnaissance” visit with her mother, the owner of the building thought they were trying to break in. Thus began their relationship.

All’s well that ends well, and seven years later Folderol is one of the finest restaurants in the area. Virginia and her husband make their home there too upstairs in this lovely old home that they’ve renovated.

Now to the main course. Richard Wiggins (Wiggy) is at the piano playing the old and the new so beautifully that his melodies, floating into our dining room, cause both Iris and Joyce to comment. He’s masterful, and he lends a great deal to Folderol’s ambiance.

Virginia describes exuberantly each item on the menu while Ron, Allan, and Rob comment and tease her. She is surely a patient woman. The banter is relaxing and joyful, making everyone laugh. Folderol is more than a great restaurant; it’s a great experience.

Maui Spring Rolls, Escargot, and salads begin our meal. For descriptions, please go to the July 2006 archive. We continued with roast duck—scrumptious, rack of lamb—out of this world. Everyone was thrilled.

This visit to Folderol found our evening spread before us as a banquet of music, witty conversation and a superb dining experience.

Trust me; while its address may suggest isolation, Folderol is very close to Middletown and Rt. 17, Port Jervis and Rt. 84, and Warwick. And know that Virginia is smart. Folderol is open on Monday when many restaurants are closed. Don’t be a stranger. Gigi’s Folderol II is a diamond!
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