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Monday, July 31, 2006


Some say that demographics show the third age set will not leap into the blogosphere. I say WE WILL! We’re ready to move with the times and never stop wanting to know. That’s why I moved from a website to a blog.

Use the blog format to comment on a post; just click on the “comment” link at the bottom of the post, and add your 2¢. That opens a dialogue. I’m interested in your reactions and additions. Or email directly from the post by clicking the envelope sign.

You can also subscribe to this and many other blogs (and there are blogs on any subject imaginable). Go to, and you’ll find it easy and fun. For one thing, blogs are added to relatively often, so you can read a post as it is published. It’s easier that way.

I still have the link to my Travel Agency in the column on the right, so please continue to use that too. For new readers, if you prefer, just click on the “Subscribe” link in the column on the right, and I will send you the blog monthly. Add to your Favorites, and come back often.

Most of all ENJOY!
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