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Monday, June 19, 2006


Living in historic Warwick makes us partners in its history. We see the past as it still lives on our streets, in our historic homes, through the artifacts saved by families whose names we recognize for their longevity and contributions, and through the traditions we cultivate and enjoy. As summer arrives, she brings a new round of activity to the keepers of that history, the Historical Society of the Town of Warwick, and everyone—young and old—can participate.

The highlight of the activities is the George Washington Day Parade and Picnic on Saturday, July 29th, 2006 when George Washington will be in Warwick just as he was on July 27, 1782 when he dined at Baird’s Tavern. It was toward the end of the Revolutionary War. Washington was returning to his headquarters in Newburgh after a meeting in Philadelphia.

More than a mere moment in history, this occurrence renders Warwick special, and the Historical Society makes appreciating our past an experience for the entire family. Always interested in bringing history alive for everyone, the Society sponsors events throughout the entire year. Located on the Society’s website at is an educational link that provides webquests—question sheets—for each of the historic buildings in Warwick. It’s a great way for students—of all ages—to learn about the community. For everyone there are the Open House Tours of our historic buildings each July and August Tuesday and Saturday from 2-4:30 PM.

But the most exciting day is George Washington Day. It’s a day to dress in period costume and parade with George, or to watch the General and the parade from the comfort of historic Main Street. Following the parade, there are games, including the Maypole, a Lost Arts Festival, Carriage rides, and a covered dish dinner. In the early evening in the Old School Baptist Meeting House, everyone gathers to hear the words of the man known as “First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen.

This day of fun doesn’t end with speeches. George Washington Day celebrations culminate with Square Dancing and live music. This is living history. This is heritage.
For some wonderful information, not only about activities but also about other aspects of history, go to the Society’s website at or call the Society at 986-3236.

Warwick, New York, a jewel in the Hudson Valley, only one hour from the city, is a place to visit anytime, but on George Washington Day, it is extra special. For directions to Warwick, go to
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