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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


We took Tide to Go. They invented this for people like me; the more careful I am, the more I spill on my blouse! On this trip, the test was marinara sauce that attacked a brand new white top. Tide to Go passed!

One thing to remember is this product goes on wet. It dries rapidly, but it is not something to whip out of your pocket and dab while you’re sitting at the table. It is like carrying a pen, and it’s worth having close by.

We also took a dry spot cleaner, Janie Dry Spot Cleaner. I actually bought this POP at the supermarket checkout. You might have to go online, but it’s sold in many places, including Amazon. It’s pocket sized and goes on dry. Just use the stick to rub it on, wait three minutes, and then use the attached brush to brush off the powder. Rob used this after his soy sauce splattered his yellow polo. It worked!
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